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2023 is coming. Happy New Year!

The future of VR appears bright to us – more and more industries are using this cutting-edge technology, proving that soon they won’t be able to imagine everyday life without it. So the next year has a lot of potential in it that is worth taking hold of. We’re going to take advantage of it!

A memory of 2022

The current year has been spent preparing for the release of our new VR game, and it has also been rich in various events – we appeared both in Cologne, Tokyo and Seattle, as well as at many other virtual reality-related conferences and competitions. We were also very excited to start a publishing partnership with Beyond Frames. Together we’ll deliver you the most potent Mixture

Where have you been able to meet us this year and what good things have happened in our studio?

  • Stargaze was featured in The Big Adventure Event hosted by Hitcents. 
  • We became sponsors of KrakJam 2022
  • The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage awarded us a grant under the Development of Creative Sectors program.
  • We participated in Digital Dragons 2022
  • We met with you at the Gamescom 2022 in Cologne. 
  • You visited our booth at PAX West 2022 in Seattle. 
  • We met in Tokyo at the Tokyo Game Show 2022.
  • We were also not missing at the Poznań Game Arena
  • We showed you our first announcement Mixture trailer. 
  • Mixture was nominated for Best VR Game at the Taipei Game Show 2023.  
  • We took part in the Immersion Festival 2022 in Warsaw, where we had a booth and participated in a discussion panel. 
  • We established a publishing partnership with Beyond Frames. 
  • Our Dev Diary about Mixture was shown as an exclusive during The Upload VR Showcase

What are our plans for 2023?

We already have several milestones planned for next year that we are actually looking forward to. So what will happen in the upcoming months?

Mixture release on Oculus Quest 2 & ports to new platforms

Our most awaited moment in 2023. Mixture is VR self co-op – single player VR fusion of 2 characters – knight and alchemist. We hope this heart gripping story with morally ambiguous characters will steal your love!

Codename „Gap” – we’ll let out the secret!

Some time ago we mentioned a new project that was shrouded in real mystery. In the coming year we will tell (and, of course, show) you a little more about it. We’re really looking forward to it already!

Start pre-production of yet another project

For the moment we can’t say more about it, but we promise – it will be worth the wait!

3, 2, 1 … the move ahead!

We’re growing in numbers, and slowly ceasing to fit in our old office, which we like very much – after all, this is where our adventure together began! However, we believe that we will love our new place in the heart of Krakow’s Kazimierz just as much.

We also didn’t forget to gifts 🎁 for all of you!

Just join our Discord, grab unique Mixture wallpapers, stickers & enter the lucky draw for the keys to Stargaze! ✨