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KrakJam 2024

We would like to share our impressions from the extraordinary weekend spent during this year’s edition of KrakJam 2024. As Played With Fire, we were one of the sponsors of this fantastic event! ✨

Throughout the weekend, we had the opportunity to observe exceptional talents and the dedication of participants who worked on creating their own computer games from Friday to Sunday. It was truly an inspiring testament to passion, creativity, and technical skills! Huge congratulations to all participants and, above all, the winners of this year’s edition 🙌

We also want to share the exciting news that one of the participants was Kinga Cabała – our Office Manager, who, along with her team, won last year’s edition of KrakJam! Huge congratulations to her talent and passion! 🥰

As Played With Fire, we always aspire to support innovative initiatives, especially those related to the development of the gaming industry. That’s why we decided to support KrakJam, seeing it as an excellent opportunity for knowledge exchange, sharing experiences, and promoting creativity. Being part of this event not only provided us with valuable business experiences but also the chance to establish inspiring connections with talented game developers and technology enthusiasts. We are convinced that many of the projects showcased at KrakJam are just a taste of what the future holds for the industry! 🙏

We extend our gratitude to the organizers for professionally preparing the event, and to all participants for their unwavering enthusiasm and commitment 👑 

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