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Played With Fire is a state-of-the-art indie VR game studio based in the heart of Cracow.
Our team loves to play with fire – experiment with new game mechanics and tech solutions, forging new processes for building virtual spaces.
Adventure games rich in exploration elements are our thing!
Extraordinary worlds, enthralling stories and unique characters – our games are focused on immersion,
emotion and absolutely dazzling the player with stylish, otherworldly visual presentation. Forget the reality around you! Step into the world of our games and let the artistry charm you.


Technology is changing fast!

Tech-wise we’re always one step ahead! We keep learning and innovating how to best engage with tactile and audiovisual stimuli, to deliver the best possible VR experiences.

Art style needs to dazzle!

We create in the spirit of illustrative realism, creating unique worlds and focusing on narrative and visual artistry.

Game design is an adventure!

Experimental mechanics and innovative gameplay make our games engage their audience from the first moments.

Meet our team

We're not just co-workers - we're buddies connected by a deep passion for games and VR. Meet the reliable members
of our team - without them, there would be no Played With Fire!

Sounds good?

You can join us!
Check out our job offers and let's create something amazing together.

Stay with us!

Everyone likes to look behind the scenes, right?
Check out our social media and find out more about us.
We promise - you won't be bored!