Played With Fire
Based in Krakow, Poland

Founding date:
October 28, 2019


Press / Business contact:



Plac Wolnica 13/19
31-060 Krakow

+48 727 705 006


Played With Fire is a state-of-the-art indie VR game studio based in the heart of Cracow. Our team loves to play with fire – experiment with new game mechanics and tech solutions, forging new processes for building virtual experiences. Extraordinary worlds, enthralling stories and unique characters – our games are focused on immersion, emotion and absolutely dazzling the player with stylish, otherworldly visual presentation.


The company was founded in late 2019 by Bartłomiej Szydło the lead programmer and VP of Draw Distance (previously iFun4All). Bartek was joined by Igor Hardy as lead designer and Monika Mucha as art director - he worked previously with both at Draw Distance. The team has cut their teeth on titles such as Serial Cleaner, Halls of Horror, Ritual: Crown of Horns and Vampire: The Masquarade: Coteries of New York.

Our fascination with VR technology came after tapping into the potential of Unity VR during contract work in 2019. Having a still largely unexplored space for interactivity filled us with excitement. The potential for VR’s growth just on the brink of Half-Life: Alyx release, confirmed to us this as a promising direction for a new studio.

For our first game we decided to go with a mix of simulation and adventure gaming in a fairy tale setup that would be attractive to both children and mature audience thanks to referencing the magical realism and melancholic undertones of The Little Prince.

Taking advantage of the skills of our art team we filled the game world with interstellar versions of magical creatures - be it the fiery fox spirit or a humming bird building a nest from cosmic strings.

During 2020 the team has grown by 2D/3D artist Joanna Sępek and 3D animator Mateusz Grzesiak. We also secured co-operation of all major VR platform holders, setting for multiplatform premiere release already in Q4 2020.


We’re already working hard on our next big thing. While the details will remain a secret for now, we’re experimenting heavily with the limits of hand-tracking technology and are excited to present a fresh take on action-adventure genre in VR.



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Team & Repeating Collaborator

Bartłomiej Szydło
CEO, Lead Programmer

Igor Hardy
Lead Designer

Kacper Byrdziak

Monika Mucha
Art Director

Joanna Sępek
Artist 2D/3D

Wioleta Wach
Artist 3D

Jakub Głąb
Artist 2D

Mateusz Grzesiak

Jakub Posłuszny
Gameplay Programmer

Paweł Kumor
Level Designer

Sylwia Gierczyk
Community Manager

Leopold Zawadzki
Sound Designer

Halina Jastrzębska
Office Manager

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