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earth day

Today is Earth Day

Today is Earth Day! 🌍🌱

It’s a very important day of the year as it reminds us how fragile our planet’s ecosystem is and that every day we should do a small, good deed for it! ✨

➡️ In collaboration with the Eden Reforestation Projects and our publisher, Perp Games, for every physical copy of Mixture purchased on PSVR2, we plant one tree! 🌳

Additionally, we recommend checking out Oculus TV by Meta, where you’ll find interesting documentaries about the Earth! Nature documentaries about climate change or animals inhabiting our planet will allow you to better understand and see up close the nature that may seem distant and unfamiliar on a daily basis. And all of this in virtual reality! 🌿

Here are a few interesting facts about Earth Day:

  • Origins: Earth Day was initiated in 1970 by U.S. Senator Gay Bradenston as a way to draw attention to environmental issues.
  • Global Observance: Celebrations have become a worldwide phenomenon, with millions of people participating around the globe.
  • Activities: On Earth Day, various activities are organized, such as environmental clean-ups, tree planting, recycling efforts, as well as educational seminars and lectures on environmental protection.
  • Purpose: The purpose of Earth Day is to increase public awareness of environmental issues and promote actions aimed at protecting and rebuilding our planet.
  • Annual Themes: Each year has its own theme focusing on specific environmental issues such as climate change, wildlife conservation, or water protection.
  • Social Impact: Earth Day has led to many positive changes in environmental protection, including the enactment of laws and regulations, and increased public awareness of the need to preserve our planet for future generations.

What can you do today to take care of our planet? You can start by reducing your carbon footprint, recycling, conserving water and energy, supporting sustainable practices, and spreading awareness about environmental issues. Every small action counts! Let’s join hands to protect our beautiful planet for future generations. Happy Earth Day! 🌎💚

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