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VR on standby

2022 is coming!

The end of the year is usually a time for summaries and making big, exciting plans. We got a taste for it too!

It’s been a good year for us, for many reasons. 

Did you know that our team has already increased three times since 2019? We’re constantly growing, hiring new people and developing. We look forward to more great people joining us in the coming year. Let’s keep fingers crossed for that! 

That’s not all!  

In 2021/2022 Sony and Facebook are investing heavily in the future of VR. The new PSVR 2 and Meta Cambria will be available soon, making virtual reality an incredibly hot topic. This is increasing the demand for projects using this technology. We’re excited about this – the value of the VR market is growing so we can make bold, far-reaching plans.

Our plans for 2022?

  • New VR game is coming! 

Our work on the new game has actually started since the release of Stargaze. All this in total secrecy! New project is well under way, so we’ll tell you more really soon.  We can’t wait to present you a fresh take on the action-adventure genre in VR!

  • Stargaze – release on PS VR and Oculus Quest

Here’s another piece of good news! PS VR and Oculus Quest owners will be able to explore our extraordinary planets on Stargaze in 2022. We will reveal the release date soon!

  • Constant development and growth

 Did you know that game developers for VR platforms represent only 5% of the entire game industry in Poland? Fortunately, the popularity of VR is still growing. We are going to take advantage of that. 🙂

In short – keep your fingers crossed!

We have Christmas wishes too!

We wish you many fantastic games that will keep you up at night, happiness in everything you try and making your dreams come true – even the most bold ones!

Let’s play with fire – fortune favours the brave!