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Entering the world of virtual reality (VR) gaming unveils an entirely new realm of entertainment. When comparing them to traditional games, we can discern several significant differences that define what makes VR so exceptional. So what are the biggest differences between VR games vs normal games? ➡️ 1. Immersion: In VR games, we experience an entirely new level of immersion. By donning VR goggles, we feel as if we're truly there. It's an unforgettable sensation when the game's space envelops us

Immersed in the realm of passion, we are the creators of groundbreaking virtual reality games. Our journey began in 2019, but the flame of game development had ignited within us long before. With titles like Stargaze and Mixture, we laid solid foundations, yet our adventure is just gaining momentum! We look to the future! 🚀 What sets us apart? It's not just a game; it's an experience, emotions, a world of science. Our goal is to bring something new, something unforgettable