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We are devoted to pushing the boundries of VR, to crafting and exploring worlds and immersive experiences previously thought impossible.
Even to the point of changing the fabric of reality itself! (*if we find the tech)


We specialize in VR adventure games (puzzle-adventure, action-adventure), rich in exploration elements. Our titles are focused on immersion,
emotion and absolutely dazzling the player with stylish, otherworldly visual presentation.


Our team gives their best to strengthen each other's skillsets, and grow in the process of making awesome VR experiences. Would you like to have a strong influence on the final shape of the created game and creative freedom?
Join us in our studio in the heart of Cracow and together we’ll reach new peaks of excellence!

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28 października, 2023
Today, we’re celebrating our anniversary, and indeed, Played with Fire has reached its 4th year. This past year has been truly fantastic; we launched our game, MIXTURE, and it brought us immense joy to witness its impact and the warm reactions from players. We’re thrilled that so many people have enjoyed our game. What’s even more exciting is that we’re currently hard at work on two new projects. What we can reveal is that one of those projects is delving...

🔥 Major Partnership Announcement! Exciting Milestone for Our Studio! 🔥

11 sierpnia, 2023
We are thrilled to share that Played With Fire is joining forces with Bloober Team, the renowned horror game experts, as they become the major shareholder in our Polish VR studio based in Krakow! We see similarity in outlook to our partners – we love to focus on original narratives, immersive gameplay, and imagination-expanding worlds. We see opportunities for development for both sides, especially through sharing the experience of such talented individuals we have in our teams.