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We are devoted to pushing the boundries of VR, to crafting and exploring worlds and immersive experiences previously thought impossible.
Even to the point of changing the fabric of reality itself! (*if we find the tech)


We specialize in VR adventure games (puzzle-adventure, action-adventure), rich in exploration elements. Our titles are focused on immersion,
emotion and absolutely dazzling the player with stylish, otherworldly visual presentation.


Our team gives their best to strengthen each other's skillsets, and grow in the process of making awesome VR experiences. Would you like to have a strong influence on the final shape of the created game and creative freedom?
Join us in our studio in the heart of Cracow and together we’ll reach new peaks of excellence!

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Our 3rd Anniversary!

11 listopada, 2022
Amazing how time flows quickly 😮- we celebrate our 3rd Anniversary! 🎉 🥳 To mark the occasion, we asked our team about their coolest and funniest memories related to our studio. Well … we definitely weren’t bored! 😂

Mixture is here!

1 września, 2022
Lead two characters simultaneously in this self-co-op action-adventure game coming to Meta Quest 2 and PS VR2. Throw powerful, physics-bending mixtures 🧪 and fight epic bosses as the exiled Moth Knight seeking redemption. Mixture is coming soon! Check out our announcement trailer and stay tuned!