The company was founded in late 2019 by Bartłomiej Szydło the Lead Programmer and VP of Draw Distance (previously iFun4All). Bartek was joined by Igor Hardy as Lead Designer and Monika Mucha as Art Director – he worked previously with both of them at Draw Distance. The team has cut their teeth on titles such as Serial Cleaner, Halls of Horror, Ritual: Crown of Horns and Vampire: The Masquarade: Coteries of New York. Our fascination with VR technology came after tapping into the potential of Unity VR during contract work in 2019. Having a still largely unexplored space for interactivity filled us with excitement. The potential for VR’s growth just on the brink of Half-Life: Alyx release, confirmed to us this as a promising direction for a new studio.


And so our magical story began!



We are not currently hiring but if you feel you would be a great fit for the studio let us know by dropping us an email at: jobs (at) played with fire (dot) com