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Virtual reality is exciting and inspiring. Just like the world of indie gaming!
That's why you'll find some cool facts about VR, indie games and the everyday life of game developers on our blog - there's plenty of useful know-how too. In short - we love to talk about these exciting things!

The future of VR appears bright to us - more and more industries are using this cutting-edge technology, proving that soon they won't be able to imagine everyday life without it. So the next year has a lot of potential in it that is worth taking hold of. We're going to take advantage of it! A memory of 2022 The current year has been spent preparing for the release of our new VR game, and it has also been rich in various

The video game market is an endless treasure trove. As game fans, we can choose from both big AAA productions and less known (but not always) indie productions. Even though most of us completely fall for the phenomenon of big-budget games, we sometimes forget that in order to create something amazing you don't need huge resources, but only a good idea.

2022 is coming! The end of the year is usually a time for summaries and making big, exciting plans. We got a taste for it too! It's been a good year for us, for many reasons.  Did you know that our team has already increased three times since 2019? We’re constantly growing, hiring new people and developing. We look forward to more great people joining us in the coming year. Let’s keep fingers crossed for that!  That's not all!   In 2021/2022 Sony and Facebook are

User experience in VR games Creating a video game is a real adventure full of interesting problems to solve and unexpected twists and turns. When VR comes into play - it gets even more exciting! So today we're going to talk about UX (user experience) in virtual reality games and tell you about the most interesting solutions we used in our game Stargaze! Stargaze - cosmic VR game Let's start with a few words about Stargaze to bring you all the details. After

There was a moment of chaos. The liquid before Dan’s eyes clouded suddenly white, and formless sounds buzzed. He moved to tear the device from his head, but emerging forms in the mistiness caught his interest. Giant things were writhing therePygmalion's Spectacles, Stanley G. Weinbaum   Do you know the novel entitled Pygmalion's Spectacles, written by Stanley G. Weinbaum? It was the first to introduce the idea of a remarkable system - virtual reality goggles, which allowed its wearer to