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Introducing a Fresh Vision for Played With Fire

We’re thrilled to announce that we’re teaming up with Bloober Team and Meta for a completely new project that will mark the next chapter in our journey.

This collaboration is a big step forward; we’re updating our visual identity as much has changed. Nearly four years have passed since our adventure began – years of refining our path and fortifying our ranks. Now, we’re adding more fuel to the fire!

It’s time to reveal our new logo that captures our evolution. As we venture deeper into the realm of virtual reality, our logo now incorporates:

Embracing VR to the fullest: a hand grasping for the elusive, symbolizing our dedication to exploring new dimensions.

Devotion to the Extraordinary: The fire represents our passion and the light of our innovative spirits.

Constant Growth: The logo showcases a more refined direction, as we move towards complex system-driven games without sacrificing the prominence of narrative

These are the core values that are going to light our way into the future.

We believe that already the next game that Played with Fire delivers, with the added strength of our partners, will push the boundaries of creativity and innovation in VR.